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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to exceed client expectations by creating different designs with the best aesthetic and functional solutions without compromising on quality and to lead our industry by ensuring the unconditional satisfaction of our customers as well as our employees.

Our Mission

To move the customer satisfaction to the highest level by using quality material and quality service with high standards, to respect our customers' time and rights, to meet our responsibilities for the humanity, environment and the universal values.

Policy of Our Enterprise

To be a responsible construction company with ethical values that gives importance to customer-oriented solutions and adheres to the principles of trust in service, customer satisfaction, speed and stability and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction...

About Us

    Done Insaat is a construction company which set out to produce exclusive housing projects and as its mission aims to “build places where people will feel at peace and safety”.
    One of the main features that distinguishes Done Construction from some of the other similar construction companies is its diligent approach and the extreme importance it gives to the environmental and social factors as much as to the quality of construction and material in its projects.