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Veranda Houses

Project Details

Veranda Houses are the first step of a 7 step project initiated by Done Construction in the Antalya/Lara Coastal area consisting of 90 apartments that will be delivered in the spring of 2019. The entire project consists of 7 housing zones and 1 Recreational Facility (Gym/Recreation/Spa) shared exclusively by these housings.

            The area of the project is the last developmental area on the coastal line of Antalya city center. Along with being on the coastal line, its closeness to the city center and also to the airport and tourism centers marks its importance. Although it is still in the initial assessment phase, the real estate land prices in the area increased more than twofold in the last 3 years. It is getting ready to be the shining star of Antalya with the projects of Cruise Port and Lara beaches that will start on the area coast in 2019.